About Us


BUILDERS is an Egyptian privately Held company founded in 2015 then officially established in 2018 as a Companies Consulting & Training company.

BUILDERS works to serve the energy sector in general and focuses its efforts on developing companies operating in the fields of petroleum, solar energy and electronics, provide development Campaigns, Management Consulting and Staff Training for company operating in these sectors, as well as development of factories and production lines for small and medium projects to prepare it for ISO accreditation.

BUILDERS has an official program that seeking for develop the youth all over Egypt called “BSPYL” BUILDERS Simulation Program for Young Leaders .


Seeks to Prepare and provide well-developed, professional generation able to face their worldwide challenges


Inculcating good values, develop the capacities of youth and the creating a managerial system for companies to build a completed community

Company Objective

  1. The need to understand the people with whom we work (recipients) and for whom we undertake work (clients.)

  2. The need to understand the legal environment

  3. The need to understand the changing nature of our work and our environment and the need to adapt accordingly

  4. The need to understand the environment in terms of the future and planning influences


  1. Professionalism
  2. Discipline
  3. Concentration
  4. Patience
  5. Supreme Concern I.e. Fairness, pride and care
  6. Overcoming Ego i.e. being objective, reasoning with fellow employees and being humble
  7. Teamwork vs individuality